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Another Kind Of Artistry

On Friday, I asked my friend Jo to paint a couple canvases for my apartment… I’m going through a smoky, inky purple phase and I wanted some artwork for my new apartment to hang behind my bed in lieu of a headboard. I have no idea how I got this idea in my head but it’s been ruminating around my mind for months. She stopped by my apartment, I showed her my bedding, and handed her a pillowcase and kept repeating, “Yeah, you know some panels with this grey-purple in it, flowers, something Asian-ish but… oh, you know what I like, feminine, I’m going through an Earth goddess phase”. It can be so confusing when clients speak to me like that and what did I do? The exact same thing. I guess this is where empathy comes in handy. 

As she paints in my living room / makeshift art studio I can’t help but sit in amazement at her level of skill. It’s really something to see an artist in their process but when you know the person and can feel their personality in their work that is what makes it truly special. I love seeing how both of our types of artistry overlap… how many other people can empathize (there’s that word, again) over the necessity of “priming a canvas”? Who doesn’t love a Monday that involves hanging out with a friend and getting a great lesson on color theory? I know I do. 

Check her out!

Josephine Bisco

+Work in progress (and my awesome pillowcase). Will post more photos as it progresses!

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